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✅ Day 5 – Building your weekly meal plan

Now let’s talk about the different ways you can start creating your own meal plans!

There are tools you can do this with:

Download our free meal planning spreadsheet here.

  • Pen and paper

I recommend using the app called Mealime. It has great recipes and is easy to use.

But, if you want to try out some other apps, here are some other choices:

This is the criteria I have for a good meal planning app:

  • Good recipes
  • Web and mobile
  • Free trial/free version
  • Automatic grocery list
  • Recipes imported from the web
  • User-friendly
    • Mealime is the easiest

If you want to get started quickly with Mealime, have a look at the bonus section and watch the video called “Mealime tutorial”.

See you tomorrow to talk about supplements!

Cheers, The Bgang

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